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Registration, create acconunt and customer number

To be able to bid on an auction you will need a customer mumber. It is easily created on the auction side. Click on “Create account” and follow the instructions.

After your registration

You will recieve an email with a customernumber ocn password. To complete the registration, you need to login to “my account” within 24 hours.


For buyers there is fee of 22.5 % includin VAT on the final price. For our online auctions, there is a biddingfee of 50.00 SEK added, including VAT per auctioned item. For artwork marked with DDS (Droit de suite) also known as AKA if the final price is 2.120 SEK or greater. The fee is 5 % of the ending price.

Payment and pickup/freight of purchased items must be done Before the last pick-up dag thats is connected to each auction or there is a storage fee of 100.00 SEK/week that will accrue next step will be Collection. Please remember that a bid is binding.

Payment is to be made into bankaccount number 166-6197 which is also noted on the bill.  BIC: SWEDSESS
IBAN SE13 8000 0916 9593 4398 4218. No of account: Kalmarsundsauktioner.